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Low cost digital marketing strategies. It is true that digital marketing is not cheap as many people think. It has a price compatible with its communication potential and certainly much cheaper than some conventional media channels such as radio and television. Even so, some companies do not have the budget to pay the amounts charged by digital agencies. The solution in these cases is own production. The first step is to create a digital marketing. Plan to guide your actions. Once this is done, all you need is a little technical knowledge of some production tools and, of course, knowledge of some specific digital marketing techniques. If you’re wondering.

We’ve reproduced an infographic below

How to advertise your business on the Internet ,  -cost digital marketing strategy options that can give you a good return. Infographics about digital marketing strategies Infographics about low cost digital marketing strategiesROI – Optimizing digital phone number list marketing actions ROI – Optimizing digital marketing actions ROI – Digital marketing actions based on return Commonly, e-commerce companies, whether small or large, have as their main digital strategy. The investment in sponsored link campaigns. Such as Google Ads.  by Serasa Experian Marketing Services on e-commerce performance, 50% of advertisers invest more than 10% of their budget in search, a channel that represents 27.25% of total traffic on these sites.

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These tools charge a cost per click – CPC . And those who clicked on the ad are very interested in making a conversion on their website, whether it be a BH Leads purchase, filling out a form or simply registering, for example. This conversion generates a value used in. The calculation of the ROI – Return on Investment , which is very simple to calculate, just subtract the advertising costs from the value of the revenue from the ads, and divide

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