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An there is no more costly example than the procurement process. If your company has a hundrd employees and each of them only orders one of the above items, it puts a huge effort on your expense report management. Receipts would pile up and the assignment would be time-consuming. Because the fact is: most procurement systems were not developd for large, decentralizd workforces. game changer AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement, our ddicatd solution for B2B purchases, is part of the Mastercard network and is acceptd worldwide.

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If you spend with Virtual Cards, all transactions are summarizd in a single and clear summary statement. This means: More transparency, higher phone number list compliance and less administrative effort for everyone involvd. The moment you generate the virtual crdit card, you have everything under control: the spending limit, the currency, the period the card is valid, and the type of purchases. In addition, virtual cards also enrich your data. You can assign special information to each card, such as the invoice number, cost center, personnel number or card manufacturer. And the more extensive your data is, the more well-foundd decisions you will be able to make for your procurement management in the future.

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The best thing about it: AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement can be integratd into your existing purchasing platforms and DE Phone Number systems. Are you ready for the future? When it comes to the perfect equipment for the home office, you are now well prepard as to what, where and how to get it. No one knows what the future will bring and whether those of us who work from home will return to the office in the near future. But if you follow our tips, your home will soon be the best office you’ve ever had.

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