Location of Shibuya Station on the Yamanote Line

Coin-operated luggage lockers are located on the west side of the station, near the Hachiko exit and the Keio line.

Where is the statue of Hachiko
Leaving the station heading west via the Hachiko exit, you’ll find a bronze statue of an Akita dog on a stone platform. He is Hachiko , a symbol of loyalty and the most famous dog in Japan .

Born in 1923, and Hachiko waited for his teacher every day outside Shibuya station. For nine years after the death of his master, Hachiko continued his daily vigil at the station just as the train his master used to use arrived.

Things to do in Shibuya The junction in front of the Hachiko exit is itself a landmark

Full of neon signs, giant video screens and a sea Phone Number List of ​​pedestrians. The intersection resembles New York City’s Times Square. It is one of the favorite photographs of tourists, and the setting for many movies.

Directly above the station are the twelve floors of the Tokyu Department Store , and next to it is the Bunkamura, a “cultural zone” of theatres, cinemas, a museum and a concert hall. Connected to the station, you will find the “City within the City” of Shibuya Mark. This complex includes shops, restaurants and the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu.

Over a dozen department stores offering a wide range of styles dot the streets around Shibuya Station. The Center.

Gai pedestrian mall is very popular with young people and is a hive of pop fashion

Phone Number List

Supeinzaka, or “Spain Street”, is a café and boutique-lined DE Phone Number corridor leading to the Parco department store. Koen Dori, which means “Park Street”, is another commercial street that accesses Yoyogi Park. You can even find various Karaoke like those of the 1kara chain.

When you use your JR Pass to explore Shibuya, you are assured of a trip to remember.

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