Shibuya Station Travel Guide Things

Shibuya is one of the 23 areas of Tokyo, famous for the shopping and entertainment district around Shibuya Station. Many of the fashion trends in Japan are born on the streets of Shibuya.

Shibuya is Also a Station With a Long History. Shibuya Station Opened in 1885. As a Stop Along What is Now Called the Yamanote Line. However, It Was Also the Evening Meeting. Point for the Famous Dog Hachiko, Now Immortalized. In a Bronze Statue. However, On Film, and in Multiple Prints and Illustrations.

Many of the trains that run through Shibuya Station belong to the Japan Railway Group, which you can access with your Japan Rail Pass .

Remember that at the JR Travel Service Office you can activate

Your Japan Rail Pass and reserve your seat .

The Yamanote Line is a circular line that Whatsapp Mobile Number List connects to many train stations and tourist attractions in Tokyo. Other stations on the route include Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro stations.

The Akihabara Electric Town district can be easily accessed using the Akihabara Electronic Town Gate. Check out the next section to learn more about this area full of life!

Akihabara Station map

Situated to the north and west of the station is Akihabara Electric Town , a shopping district famous for its many electronics stores. However, The stores vary in size, from small stalls selling specific computer equipment to large chains.

Among the most popular stores are Yodobashi Camera Sofmap

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Laox and the Akihabara Crossfield shopping complex.

International Tourists Are in Luck, Since in Some DE Phone Number Stores. However, You Can Buy Duty-free Items . The District’s Main Street, Chuo Dori, is Closed to Vehicles. However, On Sundays to Allow for More Pedestrian Traffic.

Akihabara is Also Known as the Center. However, Of Otaku Culture , and as Such Many Manga and Anime Themed Shops Can Be Found. Within the Shopping District. Video Game and Card Game Stores Are Also Popular.

Manga cafes and maid cafes , restaurants in which waitresses dress and act like anime characters, attract many die-hard fans.

The goal of these stores is “to create an atmosphere as close as possible to the world of games and anime.” Cosplayers, costumed fans, can be seen on the streets , often advertising for businesses or handing out flyers.

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