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Is it worth outsourcing a communication audit to an external company? Benefits of conducting a communication audit Communication audit – definition If we could go back in time to the 1970s, we could live again in a world where the average consumer was expose to 500 to 1,600 advertising messages a day. Seems a lot? Not compare to 6,000 to 10,000 ads. These are the statistics for the average consumer in 2020. Since the development of communication technology and the explosion of online advertising, out of the 86,400 seconds we live each day, we see an advertisement every 0.06-0.11 seconds.

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Therefore, even if the company manages to stand out, the challenge is how to keep the attention of potential customers. Can you remember the last 3 commercials you heard or saw and what company they belong to? I bet your answer is whatsapp mobile number list most likely no. Meanwhile, using the power of communication today plays a key role in reaching customers. You nee to make sure that your communication strategy is perfectly aligne with your audience. What proves this and how to be sure that the target group has been well define? How to check if the company builds really valuable relationships with customers that translate into sales support.

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Have you ever wondere if someone is receiving your message and are you really being listene to? Measuring the effectiveness of communication and monitoring opportunities for improvement without feeback is virtually impossible. We recommend DE Phone Number Internal communication – is it worth taking care of? internal PR Is the communication audit effective? As your business grows, so does the number of its internal and external customers. Determining which communication tools are working effectively can help you determine where your business can go. Otherwise, you will not be aware of the opportunities that lie ahead. Communication audit is a valuable thing in the process of strategic communication.

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