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Lateral marketing – examples of applications Not only traditional marketing Lateral marketing is a marketing concept develope in 2003 by Philip Kotler. Kotler is the author of 80 books and has more than 60 years of marketing research behind him. What is his theory? What is lateral marketing? A common practice during various brainstorming and work on marketing concepts is the search for further applications and customers for a given product within the existing market. Lateral marketing assumes finding new customer nees for which appropriate products can be propose.

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It allows you to go beyond the current market, which gives you completely new development opportunities. It can be use at the enterprise level, which by making a small or large change in the products offere, can gain a completely phone number list new character, group of customers or opportunities. In this way, it becomes immune to market changes. He directs his offer to two markets instead of one, and sometimes he finds a real innovation. Sometimes this type of marketing is use only on a small scale, in order to change the approach to a particular product line or one product. Quite often in the history of business, an insignificant side product of a given company eventually became the one that brought it gigantic fame.

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Lateral marketing techniques Lateral marketing is a relatively new concept, base on completely different than traditional assumptions. Traditional marketing is define steps and time frames – lateral marketing, on the other hand, allows breaking DE Phone Number them if the effect is satisfactory. Previously, the marketing strategy was create as a result of brainstorming, where from many different concepts, the right one was finally selecte through elimination. Lateral marketing doesn’t make choices by gradually narrowing down the choices – any concept or combination of concepts can be the right one. Traditionally, sales support is base on the slogans: more and better.

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