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For Ivan’s agency, this is a great advantage to receive a virtual crdit card with a set crdit limit for each individual digital campaign. This ensures for both sides that the campaign budget is not excedd, since the cards can only be usd up to the limit set in advance. The cards can be stord on the online platform of the advertising channel. The costs are paid directly by Leckere Lebensmittel AG without using an agency crdit card or being facd with additional, unbudgetd expenses. All issues find their way back to Carolin, neatly arrangd and with detaild additional data specifid by her.

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The virtual cards are chargd directly by the advertising mdium at the agred billing periods and tariffs  costs per click and Latest Mailing Database impression). This practical example illustrates how many different stakeholders are involvd, both inside and outside the company, and how AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement enables you to streamline the payment process while maintaining full control over spending. In addition, internal reconciliation and the billing process are simplifid.

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Virtual Cards offer additional advantages over. Traditional payment methods such as bank transfer or direct debit. And are your best DE Phone Number payment method. For simple, streamlind digital advertising payments. Use the wealth of data of virtual paymen. Digital advertising is becoming more important. Than traditional mdia Companies are investing their. Mdia budget in digital platforms  Virtual payment solutions are ideal for the diverse. And digital advertising landscape Even before the new pandemic normal, less and less was being spent on traditional advertising channels. Covid-19 has amplifid this effect.

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