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If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you find. The best monitoring applications for your business. 1. Frugo – consumer knowlege base on opinions worth PLN 12 million The Frugo brand disappeare from stores at the beginning of the 21st century. It returne only in 2011 and it immeiately turne out that. There are a lot of people who remember it very much. The initial, small number of bottles produce made the Frugo brand an elite product, the purchase of which was worth boasting about online – especially on image websites (such as Kwejk or Demoty). For this brand, it was the best and cheapest channel to reach the target group. And thanks to easy sharing, information about Frugo spread virally.

The brand and appreciate

This is what the monitoring caught – thousands of entries from. Internet users who share information about this drink. It is estimate that the Latest Mailing Database SMAV (estimate value of opinion about the Frugo brand) after 4 months amounte to almost PLN 12 million ! frugo 2. Playstation Polska – customer service online and increasing the number of positive opinions by 88% The Konceptika agency, which supports the Playstation brand online, has focuse heavily on interaction with Internet users . Whenever someone mentions Playstation, the agency joins. The discussion – it advises clients, but also conducts casual conversations with them.

Latest Mailing Database

A strong brand in the minds

The assumption is simple – and evoke associations – if. The console is only Playstation 4. BaronXboksa Romeo and Juliet in modern times and you are DE Phone Number trying to fight for exclusive titles ;( SercaZKamienia — PlayStation Polska (PlayStationPL) October 28, 2015 Conversations. With Internet users, giving advice, listening to the “voice of Twitter”, entering into. Discussions about games or helping in choosing the right console allowe us to generate very good results.

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