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On the other hand, it may turn out that many different expensive techniques and steps do not bring any results, and customers come to you, for example, from only one source. We recommend CTA button – so good that you want to click On-line and off-line activities It is worth mentioning the threat that may arise from conversion attribution without taking into account various sources of traffic. Suppose the customer ultimately comes to the website via organic search, and his decision was made up of several previous visits through various sources that were crucial to gradually building brand awareness and trust. Conversion attribution alone will indicate that search engines are the source of your traffic.

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On this basis, an inexperience marketer could decide to resign from other activities. After a few months, there would be fewer buyers, and he wouldn’t know why. For this reason, modeling cannot be avoide. What is it about? “ Research on cross-source Latest Mailing Database attribution so far ignores the impact of pre-conversion actions clicks) and is often unable to model trends and sequences of behavior base on user behavior data. Even worse, the current market standard is to use arbitrary rules to model attribution. For example, the popular rule of the last point of contact, which grants 100 percent.

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Creit to the last point of contact of the customer with the brand, without taking into account real factors, write researchers from University College London in the study “Learning Multi-touch Conversion Attributionwith Dual-attention Mechanisms DE Phone Number for Online Advertising”. Advantages and disadvantages of conversion attribution The advantage of conversion attribution is, of course, the ability to optimize costs and accurately track customer behavior paths. This is invaluable support for sales , building campaigns or sales funnels. In recent years, online advertising has seen a shift from the traditional pay-per-view model to pay-per-click, and more recently to a pay-per-conversion model.

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