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This helpe to find pet lovers and people who like to help. Thanks to this, the Ceneo brand gaine the opportunity to contact. Them and invite them to join the campaign. Practically, it always met with a positive reaction of people found in this way, who willingly increase the group of participants in the collection. the dogs are great!eat the Guinness record for them with uekordowaMiska helping — CeneoPL (CeneoPL) June 23, 2016 You can read more about the Ceneo action in this case study . 12. Zelmer – engaging recipients and making dreams come true The Zelmer brand, monitoring the Internet, found a very interesting photo on Instagram.

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It was a birthday cake for a small fan of household appliances, depicting a vacuum cleaner. The photo was marke with the hashtag zelmer, which is why the brand easily found it thanks to Brand24. As an expression of sympathy and implementing its whatsapp mobile number list strategy, and provide them with the best service, the Zelmer brand invite the little birthday boy and his family to one of its factories. The whole action met with a very positive reaction from Internet users, who congratulate Zelmer on his great sense and creativity.

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The video of this story has been viewe by 50,000 people. people. You can read more about the Zelmer campaign here . But brand24 is not only use by DE Phone Number business. The premise was simple! Find the best and cheap last minute deals to Greece. is choosing the right keywords – by setting words such as “cheap” or “last minute” and limiting them to the names of Greek islands – we manage to collect over 300 mentions (during the week) regarding the topic directly of interest to us.

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