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The reverse effect of ROPO can also have negative effects. Booksellers, for example, often experience this. Customers will be happy to look at the book and even sit down with it in the store and start reading. However, when it comes to cold purchasing decisions, they more and more often check prices on their smartphones at auctions, discount stores and antique shops, and only buy there. We recommend Market barriers: define before you act! Potential in the application of the ROPO effect The ROPO effect is a very new concept in the history of trade, because only for two decades we can talk about online shopping.

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Rapid technological progress creates more and more interesting perspectives around this issue. American clothing chain Macy’s is experimenting with an app that automatically informs the company that its user is in the store. Thanks to the sensors place database on the shelves and in the store space, the brand collects data on which parts of the store are visite by a person who has previously viewe clothes online, and even what goods he picks up from the shelves. Shopping applications potentially allow you to track the steps and activities of online and offline users and better plan the store space or communication.


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An this is just the beginning of the possibilities offere by the latest technologies. Advertising psychology – how to use it successfully? February 3, 2021 The psychology of advertising allows you to plan the colors of packaging and the entire marketing DE Phone Number envelope of the product in such a way as to meet the nees of specific consumer groups as accurately as possible. In some industries, it is slowly becoming a market standard. What is advertising psychology? The influence of colors on consumer behavior How to match the message to the recipients? The psychology of advertising and the nees and concerns of customers.

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